New Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa – Personal Assistant Comparison

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Recently, Google rounded off I/O 18 and announced a bunch of new features to the AI based Google Assistant to make the overall experience better and interactive. As we all know, Amazon Alexa is giving strong competition to the Google’s voice assistant, it will be good to know how the all-new Google Assistant is comparing with the Amazon Alexa. Go ahead and read in details: New Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa

New Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa – Personal Assistant Comparison

New Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa

New Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa

Device count and Availability

In the recent I/O 10 developers event, Google claims that it’ll support more than 30 languages and will be in 80 countries by this year. Adding into the account, the search giant also mentioned that Assistant is now compatible with more than 5,000 home devices, which is up from only 1,500 in January and is installed on more than 500 million devices. It’s also in cars from over 40 auto brands.

While Amazon claims 12,000 devices work with Alexa, and it’s available in BMWs, select Mini vehicles, and Ford cars. Google obviously has an advantage in the car space because of its successful Android Auto program.

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Conversational Qualities

Keeping the natural conversation in mind, Google has continued conversation features that let user ask multiple questions at the same time without having to say “Hey Google ” or “Ok Google”every time. While in case of Alexa, the similar feature was launched recently which is called follow-up mode which does the same task as Google Assistant. So you can too as multiple questions to Alexa so long as you do so within five seconds of the initial wake-up command.

Family Functions

In I/O 2018, Google announced “pretty please”, which teaches kids to politely ask the Assistant for things by saying “please” and “thank you.” There is also a feature that let Parents can also make kids under 13 their own Google account so that they can monitor their usage and set time limits.

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Amazon just launched its Echo Dot Kids Edition that comes preloaded with the company’s FreeTime, which is essentially a bunch of white-listed content that’s child-appropriate. As part of that FreeTime Alexa service, the company is including a feature called Magic Word, which provides positive reinforcement whenever kids use the word “please.”

The Assistant Voices

Google opted to offer 6 new voices to the Assistant including a voice based on singer John Legend, however, John’s voice is planned to release in coming days but the rest has been released for Android users. These new voices join the generic female and male-sounding voices that users could originally use.

Alexa too has multiple voice options to choose from, including female and male voice with an American, Australian, Canadian, Indian, or English (UK) accent.


In Google roadmap, it’s clear that the company is planning to revamp the look and feel of Google Assistant’s smartphone app to make it more like Google Now. The search giant is also introducing its Assistant to Google Maps to help with navigation. Alexa can offer traffic information but it won’t give turn-by-turn directions in the car like Google Maps.

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Phone Calls

At I/O 18, the biggest announcement at the event was the launch of Google Duplex, which will let the Assistant make phone calls for users and schedule appointment. There is, even more, we can do with the feature but the company hasn’t disclosed any sort of timeline for its release to Android, we don’t have any idea when it will actually hit the users.

Amazon’s Alexa does nothing even close to this, although users can buy an Echo Connect to make phone calls from their Echo device as if it were their home phone.

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