How to Set up Android Auto in any Car – Complete Guide

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Car infotainments are becoming more popular among automobile lovers as it makes the driving smoother and interactive too but it does come with some fancy hardware and applications that not everyone can afford but in this post will guide you through complete step by step process to Set up Android Auto in any Car.

Forget about the costly infotainment system for your car. An Android phone and a few accessories will work.

As mentioned in the title, Android Auto works on any car, even an older one also can use it. The only thing is required to set up is an Android smartphone running Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher. (Android 6.x Marshmallow is preferred though). It will even better experience if you have a bigger display device. Add a few handy apps and phone settings, and you can make your smartphone version of Android Auto just about as good as the dashboard version.

Google launched a car specific app called Android Auto for smartphones, allowing users to use its simplified yet interactive menu system for music, navigation, phone calls and texts as well. In fact, Google has also included support for Google Assistant and all voice commands you’d use with a Google Home Speaker.


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How to Set up Android Auto in any Car – Complete Guide

Follow the steps down below to get Android Auto setup on your car and once you’re done with it, can even visit the Android Auto Help page to get more information about it.

Get a car phone mount

Car mounts for this purpose cost around $20 and can attach to your phone’s dashboard, windshield, CD player, or air vent.


Mounting your phone in landscape mode almost makes it seem like an in-car infotainment system.

Add Bluetooth to your car

Unless your phone needs charging, you shouldn’t have to mess around with cables every time you get in the car. Pairing your car with Bluetooth removes the extra bit of friction that might stop you from listening to music or asking for directions.

If your car already has inbuilt Bluetooth, that’s super cool. Just connect your phone to the car’s infotainment system, and head over to the next step. Else, you’ll need some extra hardware to add Bluetooth to your car.

Automate Android Auto

Once you are done with paring your smartphone with the car’s Bluetooth, all you need is to download the Android Auto App from Play Store which is available for free. As soon as Android Auto connects to your Bluetooth, the magic starts with the rule you set.

Launch the Android Auto app, then press the menu button in the top-left corner and select Settings. Scroll down and select Autolaunch, then flip on the toggles for Autolaunch and your car’s Bluetooth connection. You may also turn on pocket detection so the app doesn’t launch prematurely.

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You can run Android Auto in landscape mode to make your phone feel a bit more like an actual infotainment system. Because I normally keep my phone locked in portrait mode, I used a popular $3 app called Tasker to automate the screen orientation. Download the app, then follow these steps:

  • Under Profiles, press +, then press State, then select Net, then select BT Connected.
  • Under Name, press the magnifying glass, then select the name of your car’s Bluetooth device.
  • Under Address, press the magnifying glass, then choose your car’s Bluetooth device again.
  • Press the back button in the top-left corner, then press New Task. (Creating a name for the task isn’t necessary.)
  • On the Task Edit screen, press +, then press Display. Next, select Display AutoRotate, then select On from the Set menu. Hit the back button in the top-left corner, then press the back button again on the next screen.
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Finally, you can prevent the phone from feeding audio to the car at low volumes with the free Bluetooth Volume Control app. After downloading the app, add your car’s Bluetooth with the “+” button, and set the volume to 100%.


Get comfy with Android Auto

Android Auto comes with a special version of the Android interface, with larger buttons, simplified menu, and fewer distractions. You can also install compatible music app from Play store to make your driving soothing.


As Android Auto Supports Google Assistant, you can even tap the mic button to play music and do other stuff wirelessly with voice commands.

When you’re finished driving, Android Auto should recognize that the Bluetooth connection has terminated and will exit the app automatically.

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