How to Get Twitch Prime Account for Free with Amazon Prime Subscription

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Amazon Prime users are growing significantly faster as it offers many perks starting with e-Commerce faster and free delivery, Prime Video and recently launched Amazon Music too. While Twitch Prime is also a Part of Amazon Prime that includes games and in-game experience. If you have Amazon Prime Subscription, can get Twitch Premium Account for Free.

Twitch Prime

How to Get Twitch Prime Account for Free with Amazon Prime Subscription

Advantages of Twitch Prime Membership

  • Once you get the prime account of Twitch, ads will be out of the app. Even if it comes, can be easily avoided.
  • One receives 30 days Twitch channel subscription that can be used on affiliate or partnered channels. It is free for Prime video members.
  • Get access to selected games and in-game content free of cost.
  • Twitch Prime users get exclusive Prime Chat Badge.
  • Keep getting free in-game Goodies and skins from time to time.
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How to Get Twitch Prime Account for Free with Amazon Prime Subscription

There are different options to choose from it all depends on your existing Amazon membership and country you live. This is because currently, Twitch Prime is not available in all the regions. Here is the list Twitch Prime is available for free.

How to get Twitch Prime for people LIVING in US, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy,  Japan, or the United Kingdom.

For Existing Amazon Prime Members

  • Visit TwitchPrime
  • There is an option to connect your existing Amazon Prime account to Twitch, click on it and you’re done.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Twitch Prime, once your Amazon account is connected.
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For Existing Twitch Turbo Users

  • If you’re already a Twitch Turbo user, then first unsubscribe your membership from Twitch Turbo. This will help you to avoid repeated payment for the same subscription.
  • To unsubscribe, tap on “Don’t Renew” option.
  • Then visit TwitchPrime and connect Amazon Account to Twitch account.

Non-Amazon Prime and Non-Turbo Users

  • Visit TwitchPrime and check that you have chosen correct country.
  • Create a new Amazon account (in case you have existing Amazon account, you can use that as well)
  • Subscribe to Amazon Prime.
  • Connect your Amazon Prime to your Twitch account and enjoy the benefits.

How to get Twitch Prime for people NOT LIVING in US, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Belgium, France, Austria, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, or the United Kingdom.

For Existing/ Non-Existing Amazon Prime or Prime Video Users

  • Visit TwitchPrime, set current country as “Prime Video Worldwide Plan”. (you can set it in the sign-up page towards the top right corner)
  • Create Amazon Prime Video Account. ( You can use your existing Amazon account also)
  • Subscribe to Prime Video by entering payment details and billing address.
  • Once subscription formalities are done, now Login to your Amazon account.
  • Sign up for Twitch Account.
  • To access the benefits, now link youTwitchch account to your Amazon Prime account.
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Regions like China, India and few embargoed territories can’t avail the prime feature of Twitch as it’s not available.

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