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How to get Squeeze Feature on Android phone [Any Water-Resistant]

Google Pixel 2 was launched back in October 2017 and it came with the pretty cool feature, called Squeeze Feature. IN the PIxel 2, it can launch the Google Assistant by simply squeezing the phone. Now, the same squeezing feature is available for the Android phones, thanks to the developer. Here in this article, we will guide you how to download, install and get Squeeze Feature on Android phone.

How to get Squeeze Feature on Android phone [Any Water-Resistant]

How to get Squeeze Feature on Android phone [Any Water-Resistant]

In the Google Play Store, the SideSqueeze is available for download for free and allows you to perform a preset action by simply squeeze your phone. You can squeeze your device to return to home screen or you can set it on long squeeze (1-2 seconds) to toggle auto-rotation on and off. The SideSqueeze app comes with many pre-loaded and different configurations, along with directions for how to set up the more complicated options.

It also offers more different squeeze commands compare to the Pixel 2 depending on the context. You can set a gesture for when the screen is on and another for when it’s off. There is also a pro mode in the app, to unlock this you have to pay $1.99. The pro mode of the app adds extra gestures from the home screen or lock screen. Not only this, it even allows you to set the required amount of pressure if it’s too sensitive or not sensitive enough.

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But there are two main requirements for running the SideSqueeze app properly in Android Phone. Your Android phone must have water-resistant feature and a Barometric pressure sensor. Both the main requirements are thankfully pretty common in high-end smartphones. Combination of these features makes it possible for your phone to measure when it’s being squeezed and how hard. And also your Android phone must be running on Android 7.0 Nougat or higher operating system.

The developer of this SideSqueeze app only tested it on Samsung’s Note 8 and Galaxy S8 phones. But if your phone meets both requirements, it should work just fine.

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