[How to] Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile or Unfriended You

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Don’t you simply cherish Android? It’s astonishing. Consider anything under the sun and there will be an app/module for it as of now, in fact, more than one. A couple of years back, Google was the go-to-site for all dream searches. Yet, that is gradually evolving. If you have been searching for a “Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile or Unfriended You” something, Google Search can enable you to figure out how to do it though, Android is always advancing into a framework that will give you a program which does the entire work for you.

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This app will give you the name of the correct record that unfriended your list among other valuable information. It’s a free app available for Android and iOS users both. There is likewise a browser augmentation for the individuals who incline toward utilizing it on a browser (Google Chrome). The usage is very simple. The app/module spares your whole friend list when you initially install it. On your next sign in, it reveals to you what number of new friends you’ve made and what number of you’ve lost.

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Another advantage of the app is that it even tells you whether you were the one to unfriend or if the account has been deactivated. A feature like this can never go unnoticed. As soon as it was launched and spread to the mobile users, the app & website has got huge popularity; and this has also taken a toll on their server (slow & outages). They have, since updated to account for increased traffic.

A good service can never come without a controversy. This initiative started with a Facebook page and Facebook App that was disabled later by Facebook citing that it violates Platform Policies and due to the negative user experience.

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How to check Who Unfriended Me? Who Deleted Me? Unfollowers


Download Who Unfriended Me? Who Deleted Me? Unfollowers App from Play Store

Who unfriended me?



Download Who unfriended me? App from Play Store

Who Viewed My Profile? Followers Insight Plus



Download Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Followers Plus App from Play Store

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