How to disable persistent notifications in Android Oreo Device

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Have you got the new Android Oreo running on your smartphone? Is your battery draining faster compared to the previous version? If you think the battery drainage is because of the Android system notifications? here’s how to disable persistence notifications in Android Oreo running devices.

If you’re running Android Oreo on your device, you must have seen quite a lot of minor changes in terms of notifications, UI, app drawer, app animations and more.

While not all the added feature added to any new update seems to have accepted to end users. Similar is the case with persistent notifications. These unique notifications come in the form of Android informing you that something is using more of your battery than it should.

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Luckily, the developers have come with the option to let the user manually shut down those unwanted persistent notifications. Follow the step by step process to disable persistence notifications.

How to disable persistent notifications in Android Oreo Device

Read this first

As persistent notification is one of the good to have feature on your device as it notified your battery usage by an app. Once you disable it, to check which app eating your battery more, have to go to settings>battery.

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Turning off persistent notifications

Navigate to Apps & Notifications which sits under Settings. Then tap on See All * apps (* shows the number of all installed on your device – Figure A)

Figure A

In the next screen, tap the menu button (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and select Show system. From the new listing, tap Android System and then tap App notifications. In this new window, locate Apps consuming battery and tap to disable it (Figure B).

Figure B

Once done with this, your Android will stop showing you apps with higher percentage usage of your battery.

Keeping it clean

If you prefer to keep your notification shade free of clutter so that you’re less likely to miss a notification, putting a stop to these persistent notifications will help keep that shade clean. However, if battery life is crucial, considering keeping this feature enabled.

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