Google Voice VoIP calling rolling out to beta Android & web users

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Last Wednesday, Google at long last declared that VoIP would come to Google Voice for Android and the web. An enables users to try out the feature before it reaches to the larger audience, with the first sign-ups getting the feature enabled on their accounts.

Generally, VoIP does not change the experience of using Google Voice. Subsequent to getting an email that affirms “Wi-Fi calling is now available for your account,” there will be another “Make and get calls” menu in Settings where you can set “Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile data” over “Use carrier only.”

How to Enable Google Voice VoIP on Android and Web

After enabling, users will be requested to allow a sound recording permission for Voice. Heading to “Incoming calls” will allow users to “Select devices you want to answer calls.” By default, a new “Web” option will be enabled, with users able to select other devices to ring.

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Google Voice VoIP calling

In the interim, heading to the Calls tab and tapping the FAB reveals a dialer where users can make outgoing calls with a standard interface.

Users are able to receive calls on the web if is open, with a phone-like dialer UI that has a shortcut to jump to that specific message thread. On mobile devices, incoming calls will open the Google Voice app with either a full overlay or notification that features accept/decline buttons.

Google Voice VoIP calling

All these settings are also available on the web. After a call, Google Voice will ask users to rate the call quality and provide other feedback throughout the beta period before a wider launch.

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