Google and Qualcomm Join Hands to offer faster Android Updates

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After an early developer preview, Google today authoritatively uncovered the majority of the enormous new features in the most recent version of Android P. Obviously, it’ll be a long while before that update touches base for users who don’t have a Pixel, as is f, for the most part, the case with major Android updates. Nonetheless, on account of Project Treble and work with Qualcomm, a portion of those updates may arrive sooner than usual…

Google and Qualcomm Join Hands to offer faster Android Updates

Google and Qualcomm Join Hands to offer faster Android Updates

Google and Qualcomm Join Hands to offer faster Android Updates. Following Google’s announcement, Qualcomm issued a press release regarding Android P. In particular, it clarifies an organization with Google that uncovers the two organizations have been dealing with a “streamlined” adaptation of Android P that is intended for Snapdragon chipsets.

Basically, this means there’s a form of Android P version to OEMs which is planned particularly to make it less demanding to get updates to Android P available to consumers.

By having early access to Android P, Qualcomm Technologies optimized its software on Snapdragon 845, 660 and 636 Mobile Platforms to ensure readiness for OEMs to upgrade to Android P at the time of launch. Qualcomm Technologies’ leadership position and scale in mobile allows for Google to improve the speed of its OS upgrade cycle, and for OEMs to bring the latest software enhancements to consumers more rapidly than previous Android OS releases.

“We are excited to work with Google to pre-integrate our software with Android P, making it production ready for OEMs,” said Mike Genewich, director, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Through our strengthened relationship, Google and Qualcomm Technologies are set to expand the market for Android and make it easier for OEMs to launch devices based on Snapdragon mobile platforms.”

“Project Treble is the new hardware interface architecture for Android that is designed to make platform updates easier for device manufacturers,” said Dave Burke, vice president of engineering, Google. “We’re excited to work closely with Qualcomm Technologies on a streamlined implementation of Android P for Snapdragon silicon, so device manufacturers can bring the latest Android innovations to developers and consumers more quickly.”

Obviously, there are no guarantees here, but Google and Qualcomm are clearly trying to set up Android P for an accelerated release schedule compared to past versions of Android. Will it work out?

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