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Best In-ear Headphones to buy in 2018

In the growing age of technology, people are looking to get the best gadgets they can get. Nowadays, several options are available in every category, which can confuse you. The same can be said about the audio market, which has evolved rapidly in last few years. More new brands have come in and they are fighting neck to neck to get a piece of the ever-growing audio markets. They are looking to get rid of the headphone jack by introducing Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones are currently one of the best categories, as it offers the best result without any hassle.

Best In-ear Headphones to buy in 2018

Best In-ear Headphones to buy in 2018

Currently, several Bluetooth headphones are available in the market in various types and price range. The price range of the wireless in-ear headphone varies from $20 to whopping $900. Therefore, we have come up with the list of best in-ear headphones currently available in the market. Without any further delay, let’s check it out.

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Best In-ear Headphones to buy in 2018

Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit

It is one of the best options available if you don’t want to spend too much. The earphone has been on the market for a pretty long, which is proof of its quality and durability. The best part about the headphone is that it is very affordable and costs just $12. The sound quality is on par with the earpiece that costs thrice of it. Panasonic offers various colour options as well, which is always good.

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Xiaomi USB-C Earphones

This USB-C earbuds is the best option for you if your Smartphone doesn’t come with a headphone jack and you are also not looking to go for wireless gadgets. As of now, not so many options are available in this category. Some of the product available costs too much in the range of $100 range. Xiaomi is one of the few companies, which has decided to get away with the 3.5mm jack by bringing in USB-C earbuds that too at a very affordable price.

The Mi USB-C in-ear phone comes in very good and durable design. The sound quality is also pretty good. It also comes with a built-in mic. The best part about the earpiece is that it allows you to tune out ambient noise. At $49, it is the best USB-C earbuds you’ll get.

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HiFiMan RE-400

HiFiMan came to limelight for its planar magnetic headphones and now it is showing its value in the in-ear headphones as well. At $49, it is the best in-ear headphone you’ll get. It is extremely comfy, which keeps it above all its competitors. The sound quality of the earbuds is exquisite offering detailed and amazing music experience. It also doesn’t overcompensate the bass keeping it simple. If you are looking get a pair of earbuds for better music experience at the limited price, you should definitely go for RE-400.

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Marshall Mode EQ

Marshall has been in the audio industry for past few years offering some pretty good headphones. Marshall Mode EQ is similar to HiFiMan RE-400 offering balanced sounds. However, you can turn up the bass by pressing a toggle on the remote.

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The earphones come in very durable and sturdy design. It also features a single-button remote, which can be used for receiving calls and controlling music. The integrated mic and retro design keep this product apart from all others. At $99, Marshall Mode EQ is must-have for music lovers.

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Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3 is inarguably the best earbuds for fitness freaks, who love to spend too much time in the gym. It is extremely durable and comes with a neckband that can be used over or under-ear based on your preference. The company also offers one year warranty against any sweat-related damage.

The sound quality of the earpiece is also great offering solid base experience. You can also tailor the EQ by using the Android app. The battery life is also great, as it can last for 8 hours on one charge. Overall, at $129, Jaybird X3 is worth spending money on.

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Jabra Elite 65t

If you are looking for a truly wireless experience, the Jabra Elite 65t is made for you. at $169, it offers awesome sound quality. The earbuds are also very comfortable, which means you can use it all day long. The gadget also works with Google Assistant.

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The device comes with two microphones in each earbud. It is very good if we consider its noise cancellation features. It connects with your smartphones via Bluetooth 5.0 that offers better range and amazing connection.

Battery life of this earbuds is five hours. You don’t need to worry about the battery life, as it comes with the built-in battery that would charge the earbuds twice.

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1MORE Quad Driver

1More is one manufacturer that offers best-in-class headphones at a limited price. The Quad Driver is no different. It offers impressive sound quality and comes with four driver features: three BA and a diamond-like carbon driver. It also comes with an excellent microphone and a three-button remote that allows you to control music. On top of that, it is also first THX-certified headphones currently available in the world.

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