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Best Huawei P20 Cases and Covers

Huawei P20 is one of the best smartphones to pick from if you are looking to change your mobile phone. The mobile phone comes with an astonishing 5.8-inch screen and the glass back, which is breathtaking. The phone looks amazing and gives you some sense of prize possession. However, there is a catch. The glass back and gorgeous screen need some extra cares. If you don’t do so, your phone will end up some scratches and cracks.

If you have bought the new Huawei P20 and want to use your phone for a longer period, you need to invest some money in some accessories as well. We advise you to buy cases and covers, which will not only protect your phone but also give you some sense of relief. Scroll down further and we’ll help you in picking the best Huawei P20 cases and covers. Today we have listed the best and durable cases for your phone, which is good looking and durable. When you are looking to buy a case for your phone, you’ll want protection for your phone in the best style possible. Scroll down and choose which fits you the best.


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Best Huawei P20 Cases and Covers

1. Tech21 Pure Clear Case: $40

Best Huawei P20 Cases and Covers

If you have bought Huawei P20, you would like to see the beautiful and gorgeous body of the phone. In this case, you need to buy this particular cover, which comes with crystal clear back, and shock absorbing frame that protects your phone from fall and give you a better grip. This case will protect your phone from falls up to 10 ft.

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2. Spigen Liquid Crystal Case: $12

We have listed another transparent case, which makes Huawei P20’s design pop. The best part about the case is its thickness and it is very thin. The slim button covers and perfect cutouts add value to this covers. It has everything you need to protect your phone. The case might not be as protective as the one mentioned above, but it works fine.

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3. Huawei Smart View Flip Case: $24

Huawei has come up with an official case for P20, which is a synthetic leather cover that comes with a translucent portion, which is pretty awesome as it shows charging status, time, date, weather, incoming calls, and messages. It is one of the most stylish covers, which will protect your phone from the external damage. The company has kept shell to minimal, which offers easy access to all the functions of your phone. The case comes in three color options blue, black and pink.

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4. Kugi TPU Case: $9

If you are looking to by best case at a minimal price, this one is for you. It comes with ridged sides, perfect cutouts, and perfectly functioning button covers. It should protect your Huawei P20 for minor drops. You should not try to test it for the strong drop. You’ll have multiple color options like red, navy, black and gray to choose from.

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5. Olixar ArmourDillo Case: $12

Best Huawei P20 Cases and Covers

It is defiantly not most stylish, but it gives you better protection. This rigid case combines hard outer shell with a flexible inner layer of TPU, which will protect your phone from decent drops. The extended rim around camera lens and screen gives you better protection.

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