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Best Features of Android P

Android is inarguably one of the most popular OS, especially if we consider the smartphones. The reason everyone loves Android is the addition of several new features each year, which makes it more efficient and easy to use. On top of that, it also makes it easier for developers to build applications. Android P is the latest version of the OS. Today, we are going to tell you the best new features of Android P.

1. Notch support

Yes, Android P includes tools, which will allow developers to work around them. It put the clock on the left side in order to make things symmetrical around the notch. It is good for developers, as it will allow them to create an application by keeping it in the mind and avoid anything important in place of the notch.

2. HDR and HEIF support

The Android P comes with a native support for the HDR VP9 profile, which means one can watch HDR movies by using any media player. Earlier, media players had to support HDR profiles to show HDR content correctly.

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On top of that, it also supports the HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) image compression format.  The picture using HEIF can store twice as much data as the same size file as JPEF image, which means the pictures will have much highest quality.

3. Indoor navigation

Android P also adds the support for the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol, which is also known as WiFi RTT. RTT is very precise that can locate your phone within 1 to 2 meters, which is much more precise than the GPS signal.

4. Notification improvements

Android P brings some improvements in the notifications. It will offer more informative notifications. One can see the preview of the attached image. You can also see last few messages in a conversation. On top of that, you can also use Google Assistant smart replies from the notification shade.

5. A rotation button

Android P allows you to rotate the display pretty easily. It is absolutely amazing.  You can also lock the rotation settings so that it stays the way you want to. It also comes with a new button in the system bar, which will change things in just one tap.

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6. Changes to Google’s Launcher

Google has also brought some changes to Google’s interface on the Pixel flagship. On pixel phones, you’ll see some changes, as the new volume slider widget on the side instead of the top when you press the volume button. It also brings more colourful settings menu along with a revised layout for Quick Settings.

7. Easier Screenshot Tools

Android P makes taking a screenshot much easier. While Android doesn’t have screenshot tools right now, it won’t be the same for much longer. Android P allows you to edit a screenshot directly from the notification. You can select a new Markup tool, which will allow you to crop, scribble or write on the screenshot.

8. Lockdown Mode

Security is one of the essential features, this is why Google is doing everything it can to improve the security of Android devices. Android P comes with a new feature that allows you to lock down your device by just a push of a button. When enabled, it also allows you to disable the fingerprint sensor or trusted voice unlock.

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You just need to go to Settings> Security> Location, then click on Lock Screen Preferences and enable the “Show lockdown” option. After enabling it, you just need to press the power button, then tap on Lockdown.

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