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Best Huawei Mate SE Cases and Covers

Looking for Best Huawei Mate SE Cases and Covers? Here you can find the list. In the Huawei Mate SE, you have what is basically a slightly more powerful Honor 7X. The design language is the same as its counterpart, but of course, tweaks are

Galaxy S9 vs Xperia XZ2

Galaxy S9 vs Xperia XZ2 – Camera Comparison

While Sony has the compact and Samsung has the Plus but both the companies see the base size in a different way. The Galaxy S9 and Xperia ZX2 are the basic versions we are considering here for the camera comparison. Take a look at the Galaxy


List of Android devices updated with Project Treble support

While, Apple is able to keep most of their devices, even many older ones, up to date with the latest software (which sometimes involve rather controversial features), Android device manufacturers have several degrees of success keeping their devices up to date.  hat’s without considering major software updates

Best Nokia 8 Cases, Covers and Accessories

Best Nokia 8 Cases, Covers and Accessories

The Nokia 8 offers a lot of great features such as a powerful processor, dual-sensor main camera, and a perfectly sized QHD display, but compared to a lot of the competition right now it struggles to offer anything out of the box. Comparing its premium

How to Root Huawei P20 and Install TWRP Recovery

How to Root Huawei P20 and Install TWRP Recovery

Android users have been seen more often searching for tips and tutorial to unlock its hidden features but only few can get that. However, rooting for an Android device is something that users with little technical knowledge can avail root privilege on their device. Here

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