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2018 : Best Android Launcher

If you are bored with your regular Launcher’s and its limited functions and wants to give a new and better look to your Andriod Smartphone. Here we bring some awesome Launchers which are light in weight and allow lots of customization options to you.

Evie Launcher

In my list, this launcher is the no one placeholder. The main highlight of this launcher its lightweight which makes it flawless and uses its few gestures in effective ways. Evie has a swipe up gesture to open the app drawer. One of the most popular features of this launcher- Evie offers is the ability to double-tap the screen to put your phone to sleep, either the owner of the phone using the phone-locking Instant Lock or Smart Lock-friendly Timer Lock.

It is very easy to set up and run with, and you can also customize the desktop grid with the turn gestures on and off as per your requirement  It’s a quick launcher which also getting quick updates, so able to offer more optimizations and tweaks which can enhance the launcher experience. The last but important feature of the Evie Launcher is we can able to back up your Evie layout with the settings directly to Google Drive. Please use this link to down the Evie Launcher from your phone.

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Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of oldest Launchers which available in the Play Store, and of the major player in the Android launcher market of the Google Play store to have used Android more launchers as compared to default one. The Nova Launchers is a combination of customization, convenience, which offers to cun is unparalleled. It also offers the phone look like as Pixel-than a Pixel which can able to offer more TouchWiz than a Galaxy S9. In fact, Nova’s biggest strengths are things which are hidden in plain sight,  such as pocket ace Subgrid Positioning and its excellent backup system. It’s an excellent launcher if you want to make complex themes or if the smartphone is just wanted a smartly laid out launcher with excellent gesture controls, you can download the Nova Launcher from this link!

Action Launcher

The Action Launcher is one of the most popular launchers on the Andriod ecosystem, also be the famous for its Quicktheme, Quickdrawer, Quickpage, Quickbar. Action Launcher is stubborn to be a launcher which gets what you need to be done quickly so that user can get back to doing whatever it will be done in quick response. The Launcher can be the quickest and best launcher for users who want everything very quick and a ease.

The Action Launcher has taken it upon itself to be one of the most customizable launchers on the market. Its gesture controls to its universal Covers with Shutters which able to hide folders and widgets under a seemingly plain looking app shortcut, no matter what you want to use. The Action Launcher helps in an easy to set up, even if its Quicktheme sometimes misses the mark. The Launcher is also able to quickly to support features from the latest versions of Android, and now it’s already able to integrate some Android P features, you can download the app is available here!

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Microsoft Launcher

The PC Operating system giant Microsoft was already in the market launchers for the  Android eco-system. If you are assuming that the launcher is similar to the launcher on Windows Phone — then you’d be wrong. Previously this launcher has been known as an Arrow Launcher. Microsoft Launcher a completely Android-native experience as well as it is a top-quality launcher to boot, and also one of the few launchers apart from the Nova Launcher in the Google Play Store that ate able to offer the edge-to-edge widget placement option to its users.

Microsoft Launcher’s kind of browser which is centered around a clean home screen and packed with a robust dock, its smart feed centered around with your Microsoft account and offer the daily phone use, apart from this the launcher also has a speedy app drawer where the user can easily find all your apps. The Microsoft launchers have set up is a touch long-winded, but it’s a flurry to navigate. You can even open photos, docs and web pages on your Windows PC* to be productive across all your devices at any time and as per requirement as well. The app also offers the choose your look, personalize the look and feel of your device by customizing the wallpapers, theme and accent colors, icon packs, gestures and more. People at your fingertips. Have your most important people at your fingertips. Pin contacts to your Home screen and place them anywhere on the Home screen, dock or in the folder in the smartphone. The App is available here!

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