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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 Rather Than iPhone X

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is well known. Both the giants are fighting with each other for taking control of the premium smartphones. Earlier, iPhone was ahead of the Galaxy flagship, however, the table has turned. It looks like Apple is making Samsung’s job easier, or Samsung is getting way better.

Today, we are going to give you 10 reasons why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S9 instead of iPhone X. Scroll down and see how Samsung Galaxy S9 is better than iPhone X.

1. S9’s display is better than iPhone X’s OLED.

Finally, Apple brought iPhone X with the latest OLED display, but it is still not as good as Samsung’s OLED display. Galaxy S9’s display is more colourful and vibrant than that of iPhone X. Contrast between the light and dark parts of the display are also breathtaking.

2. Galaxy S9 comes with fast charging options right out of the box. 

Fast charging option is one of the most important and useful features nowadays. This is why Samsung beats Apple, as Galaxy S9 comes with fast charging option right out of the box. However, if you want to use fast charging in iPhone X, you need to buy a new cable or charging head from Apple.

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3. S9 comes with a built-in heart rate monitor.

Want to keep track of your heart, you can do so with the Samsung Galaxy S9. You don’t need any additional gadgets like a smartwatch to a smart band, Galaxy S9 has a built-in heart rate monitor.

4. Galaxy S9 also features a fingerprint scanner.

I am unable to understand the decision of Apple to remove fingerprint scanner from iPhone X. As you all know, face ID never works properly, which obviously irks me to the core. The absent of fingerprint scanner just make your life more difficult.

5. Galaxy S9 also comes with a headphone jack, which is not the case with iPhone X.


Galaxy S9 comes with a headphone jack, which is always better. After all, it allows you to use any other headphone. On the other hand, you’ll have to use a connector for iPhone X.

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6. Android is better than iOS sometimes.

Android is very popular operating system and it does few important things better than iOS. For starter, notification is much better than that of iOS. Pretty much everyone agrees with it. Android is easily customizable, which allows you to create some beautiful and gorgeous home screens. It is never the case with iPhone X user.

7. The Galaxy S9 doesn’t come with a notch.

The notch of iPhone X is one feature, which has received mixed reviews. Some people like it, whereas some of them completely hate it. It does allow Apple to achieve the bezel-less design, but it is not worth it. On the other hand, Galaxy S9 doesn’t have a notch, but still manages to amaze us with the design. It looks stunning and sleek, all thanks to the thin bezels design.

8. The Samsung’s audio settings are also very good.

The Galaxy S9 comes with few audio settings, which proved very good and useful for me. When I want to enjoy music while using headphones, it offers more features to tinker with. The Dolby Atmos feature boosts overall music, whereas the UHQ upscaler gives you a better sound boost to the music. There are some more settings, you can enjoy.

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9. Last but never the least, Samsung Galaxy S9 is cheaper than the iPhone X.

Galaxy S9 costs $720, whereas Galaxy S9 Plus costs $840. On the other hand, the iPhone X starts at $1000 price tag. If you look at what Galaxy S9 has to offer, we wonder why would anyone want to pay more for iPhone X.

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